Treading Lightly

Treading Lightly

Environmental Sustainability

New Zealand wool is a fully renewable, sustainable resource that has a long lifecycle meaning reduced waste. In our production, processes are hand controlled to reduce wastage and our carbon footprint. We reuse packaging as much as possible and provide reusable rug bags where appropriate. All waste packaging goes to appropriate recycling centres. We encourage the return and reuse of samples and tufts provided for the design process to ensure we reduce the production requirement of these items.
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Why New Zealand Wool

• Wool is a 100% sustainable, renewable and a biodegradable fibre.

• Wool resists soiling to a greater extent than other fibres because of the unique structure of
the wool fibre and the fact that it generates very little static electricity.

• Naturally flame-resistant qualities means that wool is far less combustible.

• High thermal resistance, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

• Certified low VOC’s for cleaner indoor air quality. Wool rugs and carpets are good for the
indoor environment because wool, unlike synthetic fibres, rapidly absorbs common
contaminants found in indoor air.

• Allergies are widespread in our world and the incidence is increasing for two main reasons –
greatly increased number of synthetic substances in our buildings and improved diagnosis of
these conditions. Wool fibre is not causing allergies, its fibre is too long, too coarse to be
inhaled, plus its a natural, non-allergenic fibre and does not promote the growth of bacteria
or dust mites, nor does it give off harmful emissions.

• The lustre and gentle light reflection characteristics of wool delivers a soft and comfortable
appearance to your home.

• Wool fibres consume only a fraction of the energy that is required to produce all synthetic

• 100% wool rugs contribute positively for residential and commercial buildings that aim for a
Green Star Rating.